Pinterest Cheat Sheet – How to use Pinterest in a nutshell

Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Follow Pinterest Cheat Sheet in this order, so mark every step of the process as you do them.  That will help you to keep track of everything you need to do.  Include additional steps if necessary.

1- Decide your topic by answering the Step 1 questions.

2- Create your Pinterest Account PERSONAL or BUSINESS.

3- Search for a hot keyword using the Google Keyword Planner.

4- Optimize your profile for mass traffic using your hot keyword.

5- Remember to include the same keyword in the description.

6- Upload your profile picture.

7- Create 4 different relevant boards on specific topics inside the niche.

8- Create 5 relevant pins per board (pin videos as well).

9- Get followers following people who own relevant boards.

10- Get followers commenting on relevant boards.

11- Get followers creating group boards and inviting relevant pinners.

12- Check the Top 7 Pinterest Marketing Tricks.

13- Check comments from your audience and share your opinion.

14- Answer all of the questions they ask; don’t leave them alone.