Pinterest Cheat Sheet – How to use Pinterest in a nutshell

Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Follow Pinterest Cheat Sheet in this order, so mark every step of the process as you do them.  That will help you to keep track of everything you need to do.  Include additional steps if necessary.

1- Decide your topic by answering the Step 1 questions.

2- Create your Pinterest Account PERSONAL or BUSINESS.

3- Search for a hot keyword using the Google Keyword Planner.

4- Optimize your profile for mass traffic using your hot keyword.

5- Remember to include the same keyword in the description.

6- Upload your profile picture.

7- Create 4 different relevant boards on specific topics inside the niche.

8- Create 5 relevant pins per board (pin videos as well).

9- Get followers following people who own relevant boards.

10- Get followers commenting on relevant boards.

11- Get followers creating group boards and inviting relevant pinners.

12- Check the Top 7 Pinterest Marketing Tricks.

13- Check comments from your audience and share your opinion.

14- Answer all of the questions they ask; don’t leave them alone.

The 6 Steps to Pinterest Marketing Success

Step 1: Pick Your Topic… Identify your target market…

Pinterest Marketing:

To carry out a good Pinterest marketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is clarify what your business is all about, what your brand is, and what your purpose is in the marketing world.

The following questions will help you clarify and understand what the marketing vision of your business is all about:

1- What kind of people are you trying to reach?

You probably already know who you direct your services to, because you see them constantly, they contact you if necessary, and that tells you what kind of people they are and how to treat them.

2- What do they look like?

Are they fat or skinny? Male or female? Old, young, or middle-aged?

3- What are they looking for?

What can your service provide for them? Do they need it to feel happy? Do they need it to survive? There are many possible angles.

4- What do you actually do for them?

Maybe you are already offering a service for a specific audience. That will give you a great vision of how exactly you can inform new people that fit into the same audience.

5- What kind of information would they be interested to know about and pay for?

You already know the needs of your customers; therefore, you know exactly what kind of information will be helpful to them in order to satisfy those needs. Why not create an info-product about it?

6- How much money are they actually paying you for it?

Knowing how much you usually charge them for your service is very important, because if you decide to create a product like a report, a video training program, software, or something directly related to your audience, you need to have an idea of how much it’s worth.

7- How would they like to reach that content?

Video, audio, writing, blogging? This is important to know. Just think about it. Think about what limitations there might be on their abilities to read, hear, watch, or use the computer. If they have no limitations, just ask them what they prefer. Do they like to read? Do they like to watch videos? Do they like to listen to audio? Do they like to use Pinterest?

8- Where are they from?

Maybe you have an audience that comes from other cities or even other countries. That happens often on Pinterest. You need to target everyone and adapt your information to fit all of their needs at the same time.

9- What are your competitors offering to your audience?

In the marketing world, it is very important to study the competition that targets your exact audience.

What do they generally offer? What things do they offer that you don’t? Do they have more clients? Do they work additional hours? Do they cover more needs than you do?

Can you offer a better service than your competitors? Once you know everything about your successful competitors, you should try to offer something better than they do. You can have special offers, free samples, free call consultations, special discounts, etc.

These questions are very important in deciding how to establish your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. You can position almost any kind of business via Pinterest, because Pinterest is more than just a website or a service; it is a large audience of people with real human needs who are waiting for you and your service to satisfy them.

Watch this video before moving on to the next step: